Zebulon Dog Care
8425 riley hill rd zebulon, NC 27597 US
Phone: 919-279-3583 Website: http://www.ivegonetothedogz.com

We also will come by, pick up your mail and paper while we are changing water to fresh water,feeding  your cats and clean litter boxes, which we know, happy cat, clean, fresh litter boxes. Medication gladly administered and play time, if they are social, as i have learned over the years, they all are eventually!

Our specialty is dog sitting.   No major schedule changes or surroundings . We offer a service of love and no extreme changes .  Once on an agreed, established schedule, we will organize and review with you, all your pet sitting needs.

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We will update you on your pets activities (if you so desire) daily .



If you are searching for  pet care, dog boarding / dog kennels, in the Zebulon, NC area, we offer a type of pet sitting that your pet deserves, not offered at most dog boarding facilities / kennels.  We offer family styled, in home style care, no kennels or concrete dog boarding. . We  are available and committed to 24 hours (if needed) care as a passion, not a job. We are convenient to families in  Wendell, Rolesville, Knightdale, Bailey, Bunn, Raleigh, Middlesex areas. Experienced in Dog Care thru vet tech during college days. Through these experiences, seeing a pet is happiest with an in home styled care,

All care is  personalize , be it short term dog sitting , long term pet care or just a quick drop by for a wellness check .  Before you take your pet and feel bad leaving them, check us out!  Dog boarding can leave your dog full of anxiety.  Pet Care is our pleasure as we are Dog Lovers Extraordinaire .  Scheduling  required...We do not offer care for all breeds,  / must be people friendly



Understandably, you want your pet to feel at home during an absence.  Zebulon Pet sitting by Ive Gone to the Dogz does just that!  We will supply all necessary care for your pet until you arrive home. We strive to give owners a peace of mind

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